Control Panel (Compact 7)


With Control Panel, users can configure settings on Windows Embedded Compact devices. There are two control panel options:

  • Control Panel for standard shell   Users can set a variety of system-wide properties, such as mouse sensitivity, network setup, and the desktop color scheme. Control Panel includes a set of default control panel applications. You also choose which optional functionality to include in your Control Panel by adding configurable features to your OS design. The control panel UI resembles the Windows desktop.
  • Control Panel with customizable UI   The control panel UI is based on Silverlight for Windows Embedded. You select individual control panel applications to include in the Silverlight for Windows Embedded shell for your Windows Embedded Compact powered device. You can customize the UI by modifying XAML files. To configure settings for each control panel application, you can write an XML file that uses a configuration service provider, and you can also provision a device, which means update control panel settings by uploading an XML file to the device.

To add this feature to your OS, see Control Panel Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For reference information, see the following: