DOT11_BSSID_CANDIDATE (Compact 2013)


This structure defines the format for the BSSID candidate list.

typedef struct DOT11_BSSID_CANDIDATE {
  ULONG  uFlags;


The BSSID of the AP for which the miniport driver is requesting a PMKID.

BSSID candidates that are specified by the BSSID member must:

  • Be in the service set identifier (SSID) with which the 802.11 station is currently associated with
  • Match an entry in the desired BSSID list that is defined by the Extensible Station (ExtSTA) msDot11DesiredBSSIDList MIB object. For more information about this MIB object, see OID_DOT11_DESIRED_BSSID_LIST.
  • Be a member of the SSID with which the 802.11 station is currently associated and authenticated

A bitmask that specifies pre-authentication attributes of the BSSID candidates. This bitmask is defined as follows:

  • The BSSID candidate supports pre-authentication. The BSSID candidate advertises its support for pre-authentication by setting the Pre-authentication Subfield of the RSN Capabilities field to one in the 802.11 Beacon and Probe Response frames that the BSSID candidate transmits.
  • If the DOT11_PMKID_CANDIDATE_PREAUTH_ENABLED bit is set, the 802.1X supplicant will start the 802.1X pre-authentication with the specified BSSID candidate.
  • If the DOT11_PMKID_CANDIDATE_PREAUTH_ENABLED bit is not set, pre-authentication cannot be performed with the BSSID candidate. However, the 802.1X supplicant can update the driver's PMKID cache by using the PMK from a prior association with the BSSID candidate.

For more information about the BSSID candidate list, see DOT11_PMKID_CANDIDATE_LIST_PARAMETERS and NDIS_STATUS_DOT11_PMKID_CANDIDATE_LIST.