Remote Tools (Compact 2013)


By using Remote Tools, you can use a development workstation to remotely perform a variety of programming tasks on a Windows Embedded Compact–based target device.

After you establish a connection between the remote tool and the target device, you can perform such tasks as:

  • Monitoring the status of processes and threads on the target device.
  • Measuring the performance of the target device.

This section provides information about remote tools that you can use to collect and analyze data from a Windows Embedded Compact powered device for performance tuning, testing, and debugging.

The topics in this section describe how to use each of the Remote Tools that ship with Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

Remote Tools Shell

Allows you to start the Remote Tools that ship with Windows Embedded Compact 2013, and view Remote Tool properties.

Remote File Viewer

Copies a file from a computer that has Platform Builder installed on a device.

Remote Performance Monitor

Provides graphical tool for measuring the performance of a Windows Embedded Compact–based OS design.

Remote Registry Editor

Views and modifies the registry on a device.

Remote Resource Consumer

Provides information about resource consumption on a device.

Remote Resource Leak Detector

Provides the ability to detect resource leaks on a device.

Remote System Information

Provides information about the properties and system settings on a device.

Remote Timeline Viewer

Displays system, power events, and activities by hosting the following tools: Performance Monitor, Power Monitor, and Kernel Tracker.

Remote Tools Profiler

Assesses performance of a run-time image or application by using either instrumentation or sampling, and supports Monte Carlo profiling.



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