National/Regional Language Support (NLS) Constants (Compact 2013)


This section contains topics that describe the constants and strings used with the National/Regional Language Support (NLS) Functions.

Calendar Identifiers

Describes the calendar identifiers (data type CALID) that are used to specify different calendars.

Calendar Type Information

Describes the calendar type constants (CALTYPE data type).

Code Pages

Describes the code page that is a table that describes a character set. The OS uses the character set to display characters in a specific language.

Day, Month, Year, and Era Format Pictures

Describes how to specify date formats.

Geographic Location Identifiers

Lists the available geographical locations with identifiers.

Hour, Minute, and Second Format Pictures

Describes how to specify time formats.

Language Identifiers

Describes the language identifiers available to an OS design, which are part of a locale identifier.

Locale Identifiers

Describes the locale identifiers which identify the system-defined locales.

Locale Information Constants

Describes the LCTYPE constants used with the NLS functions.

Locale Names

Describes the structure and naming conventions of locale names.

Sort Order Identifiers

Describes sort order identifiers, which can be used in the preparation of locale identifiers.