Applications and Services (Compact 7)


Find links to developer references for Windows Embedded Compact 7 applications and services, such as ActiveSync, MSMQ, SNTP, and UPnP.

You can add the following applications and services to your Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS design.


Windows Embedded Compact 7 provides support for Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 on Windows XP , and for Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista and Windows 7 .

ActiveSync 4.5 provides support for synchronizing data between a Windows-based desktop computer and Windows Embedded Compact -based devices. Windows Embedded Compact 7 also provides support for a direct synchronization connection to an Exchange Server without using a desktop computer. Using time stamps and user preferences, the synchronization process tracks data changes on both computer and device, then transfers the appropriate data so that each machine has the most recent versions. Outdated or unwanted data is discarded.

Internet Explorer Embedded

Internet Explorer Embedded is a feature-rich browser control that provides technologies that you can use to build a custom browser for a specific device or market. Internet Explorer Embedded browser is a version of Internet Explorer 7.


Windows Embedded Compact Terminal Services Client (CETSC) supports the UI for both Windows Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This software is derived from the Microsoft Terminal Services Client (MSTSC) found on Windows-based operating systems.

FTP Server Reference

You can use the FTP Server implementation in Windows Embedded Compact to copy files to and from remote computers over a network using TCP/IP.

MSMQ Message Queuing

The Windows Embedded Compact implementation of Message Queuing (MSMQ) makes it possible for applications to communicate with other applications across networks and systems that might be temporarily offline.

RAS Server/PPTP Server (Incoming)

The RAS Server/PPTP Server (Incoming) functionality in Windows Embedded Compact provides support for a Remote Access Service (RAS) server.

Remote Desktop Connection

The Remote Desktop Protocol implementation for Windows Embedded Compact allows you to connect remotely to a desktop computer running Windows XP Professional, or a server running Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition or later.


Servicesd.exe is a process that acts as a host to service DLLs.

Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

The Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) protocol is an adaptation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP), and is used to synchronize computer clocks on the Internet.

Telnet Server

The Telnet Server implementation in Windows Embedded Compact provides a sample Telnet server that can be installed on a device to allow remote administration through a standard Telnet client.


The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) implementation in Windows Embedded Compact provides an architectural framework for creating self-configuring, self-describing devices and services.

User Help

User Help can be included in your custom shell. It offers the ability to modify existing Help topics or create new ones.

Web Server (HTTPD) Reference

The Windows Embedded Compact-based Web Server (HTTPD) implementation enables you to monitor, configure, and remotely control a device or computer through the use of a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server. The Web Server provides this service for network printers, scanners, and other shared equipment.

Windows Media Player OCX Control 6.4

The Windows Media Player OCX control 6.4 enables Windows Media Player functionality to exist as an ActiveX control inside a Web page along with other content and be hosted by the Windows Embedded Compact Web browser.

Windows Media Player OCX Control 7.0

The Windows Media Player OCX control 7.0 is based on the current OCX 7.0 Object Model. It enables updated Windows Media Player functionality to exist as an ActiveX control inside a Web page that uses the OCX 7.0 Object Model.

Windows Media Technologies

Windows Media technologies for Windows Embedded Compact is a set of COM interfaces and codecs that support a broad range of server and client applications that stream audio, video, and script commands as a continuous flow of data.

MTP Responder

You can use MTP Responder with Windows Embedded Compact to create devices that are compatible with Windows 7 Device Stage.

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