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System.Printing Namespaces

.NET Framework (current version)

The System.Printing namespaces contain types that support printing, that provide access to the properties of print system objects and enable rapid copying of their property settings to another object of the same type, and that support the interconversion of managed System.PrintTicket objects and unmanaged GDI DEVMODE structures.

Namespace Description
System.Printing Provides classes that enable you to automate the management of print servers, print queues, and print jobs.
System.Printing.IndexedProperties Provides classes that enable rapidly copying the property settings of a print system object to another object of the same type. Also, enables iteration through the properties of print system objects and the discovery of their types at run time, without using reflection.
System.Printing.Interop Provides interconversion of managed PrintTicket objects and unmanaged Graphics Device Interface (GDI) DEVMODE structures.
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