This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Workflow Namespaces

The System.Workflow namespaces contain types used to develop applications that use Windows Workflow Foundation. These types provide design time and run-time support for rules and activities, to configure, control, host, and debug the workflow runtime engine.

System.Workflow.ActivitiesDefines activities that can be added to workflows to create and run an executable representation of a work process.
System.Workflow.Activities.ConfigurationProvides classes that represent sections of the configuration file.
System.Workflow.Activities.RulesContains a set of classes that define the conditions and actions that form a rule.
System.Workflow.Activities.Rules.DesignContains a set of classes that manage the Rule Set Editor and the Rule Condition Editor dialog boxes.
System.Workflow.ComponentModelProvides the base classes, interfaces, and core modeling constructs that are used to create activities and workflows.
System.Workflow.ComponentModel.CompilerProvides infrastructure for validating and compiling activities and workflows.
System.Workflow.ComponentModel.DesignContains classes that developers can use to build custom design-time behavior for workflows and activities and user interfaces for configuring workflows and activities at design time.
System.Workflow.ComponentModel.SerializationProvides the infrastructure for managing the serialization of activities and workflows to and from extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) and CodeDOM.
System.Workflow.RuntimeContains classes and interfaces that you can use to control the workflow runtime engine and the execution of a workflow instance.
System.Workflow.Runtime.ConfigurationContains classes that are used to configure the workflow runtime engine.
System.Workflow.Runtime.DebugEngineContains classes and interfaces for use in debugging workflow instances.
System.Workflow.Runtime.HostingContains classes that are related to services provided to the workflow runtime engine by the host application.
System.Workflow.Runtime.TrackingContains classes and an interface related to tracking services.