This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Activities Namespaces

The System.Activities namespaces contain all the classes necessary to create and work with activities in Window Workflow Foundation.

System.ActivitiesThe System.Activities namespace contains all of the classes necessary to create and work with activities. The classes in this namespace allow you to define activities, define the data flow into and out of activities, and define variables.
System.Activities.Core.PresentationThe System.Activities.Core.Presentation namespace contains helper classes used in the default and extensibility scenarios for the Windows Workflow Designer.
System.Activities.Core.Presentation.FactoriesProvides factories for creating activities that interact with collections and enable control flow in the Windows Workflow Designer.
System.Activities.Core.Presentation.ThemesThe System.Activities.Core.Presentation.Themes namespace contains a class that is a collection of style configuration values used by the Windows Workflow Designer and activity designers.
System.Activities.DebuggerThe System.Activities.Debugger namespace contains classes that provide support for debugging of workflows in Visual Studio 2010.
System.Activities.DurableInstancingThis namespace contains the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and its helper classes. The SqlWorkflowInstanceStore class provides durability to workflow instances.
System.Activities.ExpressionParserThe System.Activities.ExpressionParser namespace contains classes that support the compilation of expressions.
System.Activities.ExpressionsThe System.Activities.Expressions namespace contains classes and expression activities that support the use of expressions in a workflow.
System.Activities.HostingThe System.Activities.Hosting namespace contains classes that provide the base support for hosting and executing a workflow.
System.Activities.PersistenceThe System.Activities.Persistence namespace contains classes for capturing an object’s state independent of process or machine information.
System.Activities.PresentationThe System.Activities.Presentation namespace contains base activity designer classes used to create custom activity designers. For more information about creating custom activity designers, see Creating a Custom Activity Designer.
System.Activities.Presentation.ConvertersProvides converters for arguments, UI property data, and items in the editing model of the Windows Workflow Designer.
System.Activities.Presentation.DebugContains classes that provide breakpoint management for a debugging process.
System.Activities.Presentation.HostingContains classes that enable the Windows Workflow Designer host to interact with assemblies, commands, and imported namespaces.
System.Activities.Presentation.MetadataContains classes that enable you to work with custom attributes of Windows Workflow Designer elements.
System.Activities.Presentation.ModelContains classes that enable you to work with model items in the model tree of the designer such as accessing the model items properties and attached properties. Also, provides functionality to manage the model tree.
System.Activities.Presentation.PropertyEditingContains classes that enable updating properties in the Windows Workflow Designer by providing property editors, category editors, and access to properties, property values, and filters.
System.Activities.Presentation.ServicesProvides classes that enable interacting with the model tree in the Windows Workflow Designer to perform tasks such as creating and locating model items, and mapping view items with model items.
System.Activities.Presentation.ToolboxThis namespace provides support for classifying and using tools when re-hosting the Windows Workflow Designer outside of Visual Studio 2010.
System.Activities.Presentation.ValidationContains classes that provide activity validation functionality for activities in the Windows Workflow Designer.
System.Activities.Presentation.ViewProvides functionality related to the view elements in the workflow designer including accessing and creating view elements, accessing commands, working with the view state, selections, and the expression textbox.
System.Activities.StatementsThe System.Activities.Statements namespace contains activities that can be used to create workflows. This namespace contains activities that are used for flow control, interacting with collections and variables, exceptions, compensation, transactions, and interacting with legacy workflows.
System.Activities.Statements.TrackingProvides classes for monitoring state machine state executions and state transitions.
System.Activities.TrackingThe System.Activities.Tracking namespace contains classes used to create and interact with workflow tracking records. Tracking records are created by the workflow runtime when a workflow instance executes, and are accessed by classes that inherit from TrackingParticipant.
System.Activities.ValidationThe System.Activities.Validation namespace contains classes used for custom activity validation. Custom validation for activities is provided by the ActivityValidationServices class, and custom validation conditions can be created using Constraint and Constraint<T>.
System.Activities.XamlIntegrationContains classes that provide support for the serialization of activities into XAML.