System.AddIn Namespaces

.NET Framework (current version)

The System.AddIn namespaces contain types used to identify, register, activate, and control add-ins, and to allow add-ins to communicate with a host application.

Namespace Description
System.AddIn The System.AddIn namespace contains the AddInAttribute attribute for identifying add-ins.
System.AddIn.Contract The System.AddIn.Contract namespace contains interfaces and structures that provide the basis for communication between components that are updated independently.
System.AddIn.Contract.Automation The System.AddIn.Contract.Automation namespace contains interfaces that components use to access type information and invoke type members.
System.AddIn.Contract.Collections The System.AddIn.Contract.Collections namespace contains interfaces that define collections of IContract and RemoteArgument objects.
System.AddIn.Hosting The System.AddIn.Hosting namespace provides classes for discovering, registering, activating, and controlling Add-Ins.
System.AddIn.Pipeline The System.AddIn.Pipeline namespace provides classes for constructing the communication pipeline between a host application and an add-in.