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Visual Studio .NET 2003

Specifies events to track in the Debug Output Window or in a file specified with SET EVENTTRACKING.

SET EVENTLIST TO [EventName1 [, EventName2 ] [ADDITIVE]]


EventName1 [, EventName2 ]
Specifies the names of the events to track. You can include any number of event names separated by commas.
Specifies that the events EventName1, EventName2 are added to the set of events currently being tracked. If ADDITIVE is omitted, only the events EventName1, EventName2 are tracked.


Issue SET EVENTLIST TO without any event names to remove all events from the set of events being tracked. You can also specify events to track in the Event Tracking dialog box.

See Also

SET DEBUGOUT | SET EVENTTRACKING | Event Tracking dialog box

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