This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating Messaging Components

The MessageQueue component allows you to build complex messaging into your applications. Using MessageQueue component instances, you can easily send messages to and receive messages from any queue in your network.

XML Web services provide another means for incorporating messaging-type behavior into your applications. Using XML Web services, you can pass information back and forth between a Web application and any client.

The MessageQueue component allows you to easily incorporate message-based communication into your applications. Using this component and its associated language features, you can send and receive messages, explore existing queues, create and delete queues, and perform a variety of other operations using a simple programming model.

In This Section

Introduction to Messaging
Provides basic information about messaging features.
Message Queues and Messaging Technology Backgrounder
Explains the essential messaging concepts and provides links to more information.
MessageQueue Programming Architecture
Describes the language elements used in MessageQueue component programming.
Creating, Deleting, and Administering Queues
Recommends additional topics on finding, creating, and deleting message queues in Server Explorer.
Sending and Serializing Messages
Recommends additional topics on sending simple and complex messages to a variety of queue types, requesting acknowledgement, using journals, and sending datasets in messages.
Reading and Receiving Messages
Recommends additional topics on reading messages procedurally, handling asynchronous operations, and peeking at messages in a queue.
Message Queue Security
Provides an overview of encrypting and authenticating the messages you send and receive.
Troubleshooting MessageQueue Components
Explains how to resolve common problems with this component.

Related Sections

Creating Installation Components
Describes how to use installation components to configure the system resources needed by your MessageQueue component.
Programming with Components
Presents a high-level overview of component programming and authoring.
System.Messaging Namespace
Describes the major features of the System.Messaging namespace
Visual Basic and Visual C# Projects
Describes the projects types used in this chapter and how to choose between them.
Deploying Applications and Components
Lists the major deployment topics and the information they contain.