CopyTo Method (Array, Int32)

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Copies the entire ArrayList to a compatible one-dimensional Array, starting at the specified index of the target array.

Namespace:  System.Collections
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

virtual void CopyTo(
	Array^ array, 
	int arrayIndex


Type: System..::..Array
The one-dimensional Array that is the destination of the elements copied from ArrayList. The Array must have zero-based indexing.
Type: System..::..Int32
The zero-based index in array at which copying begins.


ICollection..::..CopyTo(Array, Int32)

The specified array must be of a compatible type.

This method uses Array..::..Copy to copy the elements.

The elements are copied to the Array in the same order in which the enumerator iterates through the ArrayList.

This method is an O(n) operation, where n is Count.