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How to: Set an Address Breakpoint

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You can set a breakpoint at a memory address in the Disassembly window. After a breakpoint is set, an address breakpoint can be edited in the Breakpoints window.

You can also set an address breakpoint on a function by using the Call Stack window. See How to: Set a Breakpoint on a Function Call from the Call Stack Window.

To set an address breakpoint

  1. On the Debug menu, point to Windows, and then click Disassembly if the Disassembly window is not already visible.

  2. In the Disassembly window, click a line of code, and then click Toggle Breakpoint on the Debug menu.


    Right-click a line of code, and then select Insert Breakpoint.

    Caution noteCaution

    Avoid setting breakpoints on system components when you are debugging mixed-mode (native and managed) code. Setting a breakpoint on a system component during mixed-mode debugging can cause the common language runtime to break and the debugger to stop responding. For more information, see Mixed-Mode Debugging.