This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Application Samples

These samples demonstrate architecture, project, user, and assembly tasks.

Application Events Sample

Demonstrates the application events accessed through the Project Designer.

ClickOnce Sample

Deploys and updates an application using ClickOnce.

Console Application Sample

Demonstrates simple input and output using the console window.

Consuming a Web Service Sample

Demonstrates how to consume various existing .NET Framework Web services, including services providing the current weather, a cartoon-a-day, and currency conversion.

Excel Sample

Demonstrates how to use Visual Basic to start Excel, create a workbook from a template, update cells in a worksheet that then populate graphs in the workbook, and perform other tasks.

Game Sample

Demonstrates the My feature, object-oriented programming, and drawing.

Logging Sample

Uses the My.Application.Log object to log information to files and event logs.

Multithreading Sample

Shows two different ways to implement multithreaded tasks.

Office Automation Sample

Demonstrates automation of Microsoft Agent, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

PowerPoint Sample

Demonstrates how to start PowerPoint, create a blank presentation, add a slide and content, print slides, save your changes, and exit PowerPoint from within a Visual Basic application.

Reflection Sample

Uses reflection to discover type information in an assembly.

Resources and Settings Sample

Demonstrates the My.Settings and My.Resources objects.

Send Mail Sample

Shows how to send email over SMTP using classes in the System.Web.Mail namespace.

Stack Frame Inspection Sample

Demonstrates how to programmatically retrieve information about the call stack at any point from within the executing code.

System and Environment Information Sample

Demonstrates the use of several classes that provide environment information.

TCP Remoting Sample

Shows how to use the .NET Framework remoting architecture.

User Information Sample

Provides an overview of the My.User object and the Login Form template. It implements a simple custom authentication.

Visual Basic 6.0 Upgrade Sample

Presents the Visual Basic 6.0 VCR example in both Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic 2005 code.

WCF Chat Sample

Demonstrates how to implement a multiparty chat application by using PeerChannel.

WCF Windows Forms Sample

Demonstrates a service that implements a contract that defines a request and reply communication pattern.

My Reference

The My feature provides access to application and user properties.

My.Application Object

The My.Application object provides access to application properties.

Data Samples

These samples demonstrate data manipulation tasks.

Visual Basic Windows Forms Samples

These samples demonstrate Windows forms applications.

Visual Basic Language Samples

These samples demonstrate Visual Basic language concepts.

Visual Basic Server Component Samples

These samples demonstrate applications that interact with Windows operating system components.

Visual Basic Security Samples

These samples demonstrate security tasks.

Visual Basic Sample Applications

This page is the starting point for all Visual Basic samples included with the documentation.