Compiler Error C3744


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__unhook must have at least 3 arguments for managed events

The __unhook function must take three parameters when used in a program that is compiled for Managed Extensions for C++.

__hook and __unhook are not compatible with /clr programming. Use the += and -= operators instead.

C3744 is only reachable using /clr:oldSyntax.

The following sample generates C3744:

// C3744.cpp  
// compile with: /clr:oldSyntax  
#using <mscorlib.dll>  
using namespace System;  
public __delegate void delegate1();  
[ event_source(managed) ]  
public __gc class CPSource {  
   __event delegate1* event1;  
public __gc class CReceiver {  
   void Handler1() {  
   void UnhookAll1(CPSource* pSrc, CReceiver* pRec) {  
      __unhook(pSrc);   // C3744  
      // The following line resolves the error.  
      // __unhook(&CPSource::event1, pSrc, &CReceiver::Handler1);  
int main() {