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Retrieves an enumerator for all tables contained in the symbol store.

HRESULT getEnumTables ( 
   IDiaEnumTables** ppEnumTables


[out] Returns an IDiaEnumTables object. Use this interface to enumerate the tables in the symbol store.

If successful, returns S_OK; otherwise, returns an error code.

This example presents a general function that uses the getEnumTables method to obtain a specific enumerator object. If the enumerator is found, the function returns a pointer that can be cast to the desired interface; otherwise, the function returns NULL.

IUnknown *GetTable(IDiaSession *pSession, REFIID iid)
    IUnknown *pUnknown = NULL;
    if (pSession != NULL)
        CComPtr<IDiaEnumTables> pEnumTables;
        if (pSession->getEnumTables(&pEnumTables) == S_OK)
             CComPtr<IDiaTable> pTable;
             DWORD celt = 0;
             while(pEnumTables->Next(1,&pTable,&celt) == S_OK &&
                   celt == 1)
                  if (pTable->QueryInterface(iid, (void **)pUnknown) == S_OK)
                  pTable = NULL;

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