This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Samples That Use Excel and Word

This section contains sample applications that demonstrate how to use Visual Studio Tools for Office to create document-level customizations that take advantage of features available in Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel.

Accessing Data Sample

Demonstrates how to read data from several kinds of data sources and display the data in an Excel worksheet or Word document.

Actions Pane Help Label Sample

Demonstrates how to create and use a control that provides dynamic, context-sensitive help on an actions pane for a document that contains XML-mapped regions.

Northwind Smart Client Sample

Demonstrates how to use document-level customizations for Excel and Word to implement an order tracking system based on the Northwind sample database for Microsoft SQL Server.

ServerDocument Sample

Provides a graphical user interface and a command-line interface that enable you to manage several aspects of a document-level customization, such as working with data that is cached in the document.

Excel-Based Samples

Provides links to sample applications that show how you can take advantage of the data collection and analysis capabilities available in Excel and create business solutions using managed code extensions.

Word-Based Samples

Provides links to sample applications that take advantage of the document creation capabilities available in Word.