This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Writing, Compiling, and Debugging JScript Code

The Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is the common development environment for all languages, provides tools and validation schemes that help you write reliable code. The IDE also provides debugging features that help you reconcile inconsistencies and resolve coding mistakes.

How to: Compile JScript Code from the Command Line

Describes how to use the command-line compiler to produce compiled JScript programs.

Writing JScript Code with Visual Studio

Explains how to use the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to write and edit JScript code.

Conditional Compilation

Describes how and when to use conditional compilation, which enables various sections of code to be included at compile time for debugging purposes, and facilitates the use of new JScript features without sacrificing backward compatibility.

Detecting Browser Capabilities

Describes how to determine what versions of JScript a Web browser engine supports by using script engine functions and conditional compilation.

Copying, Passing, and Comparing Data

Illustrates the difference between storing data by reference or by value and how these alternatives depend on the type of data.

How JScript Overloads Methods

Describes how to overload methods with the same name but different signatures.

How to: Handle Events in JScript

Describes how to handle events by linking event handler methods to existing events.

Debugging JScript with Visual Studio

Lists procedures that enable debugging for a command-line program or for an ASP.NET program.

Debugging JScript with the Common Language Runtime Debugger

Lists procedures that enable use of the common language runtime compiler debugger for a command-line program or for an ASP.NET program.

Troubleshooting Your Scripts

Provides hints and tips to avoid common script mistakes in specific areas, such as syntax, order of script interpretation, automatic type coercion, and so on.

Building from the Command Line

Explains how to invoke the compiler from the command line and provides examples of command-line syntax that return specific results.

Debugging and Profiling Applications

Describes the process of debugging a .NET Framework application and how to optimize applications using the .NET Framework if Visual Studio is not installed.