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Call this function within your control's DoPropExchange member function to initialize a font property by converting a VBX control's font-related properties.

BOOL PX_VBXFontConvert( 
   CPropExchange* pPX, 
   CFontHolder& font  


Pointer to the CPropExchange object (typically passed as a parameter to DoPropExchange).


The font property of the OLE control that will contain the converted VBX font-related properties.

Nonzero if the exchange was successful; 0 if unsuccessful.

This function should be used only by an OLE control that is designed as a direct replacement for a VBX control. When the Visual Basic development environment converts a form containing a VBX control to use the corresponding replacement OLE control, it will call the control's IDataObject::SetData function, passing in a property set that contains the VBX control's property data. This operation, in turn, causes the control's DoPropExchange function to be invoked. DoPropExchange can call PX_VBXFontConvert to convert the VBX control's font-related properties (for example, "FontName," "FontSize," and so on) into the corresponding components of the OLE control's font property.

PX_VBXFontConvert should only be called when the control is actually being converted from a VBX form application. For example:

void CMFCActiveXControlCtrl::DoPropExchange(CPropExchange* pPX)
   ExchangeVersion(pPX, MAKELONG(_wVerMinor, _wVerMajor));

   if (IsConvertingVBX())
      PX_VBXFontConvert(pPX, InternalGetFont());



Header: afxctl.h

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