This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this member function to invoke the ActiveX Control method or property specified by dwDispID, in the context specified by wFlags.

void AFX_CDECL InvokeHelper( 
   DISPID dwDispID, 
   WORD wFlags, 
   VARTYPE vtRet, 
   void* pvRet, 
   const BYTE* pbParamInfo, 


Identifies the method or property to be invoked.


Flags describing the context of the call to IDispatch::Invoke. For possible wFlags values, see IDispatch::Invoke in the Windows SDK.


Specifies the type of the return value. For possible values, see the Remarks section for COleDispatchDriver::InvokeHelper.


Address of the variable that will that will receive the property value or return value. It must match the type specified by vtRet.


Pointer to a null-terminated string of bytes specifying the types of the parameters following pbParamInfo. For possible values, see the Remarks section for COleDispatchDriver::InvokeHelper.


Variable List of parameters, of types specified in pbParamInfo.

The pbParamInfo parameter specifies the types of the parameters passed to the method or property. The variable list of arguments is represented by ... in the syntax declaration.

This function converts the parameters to VARIANTARG values, then invokes the IDispatch::Invoke method on the ActiveX control. If the call to IDispatch::Invoke fails, this function will throw an exception. If the SCODE (status code) returned by IDispatch::Invoke is DISP_E_EXCEPTION, this function throws a COleException object, otherwise it throws a COleDispatchException.


This function should be called only on a CWnd object that represents an ActiveX control.

For more information about using this member function with ActiveX Control Containers, see the article ActiveX Control Containers: Programming ActiveX Controls in an ActiveX Control Container.

Header: afxwin.h