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Copies the current minimum and maximum scroll-bar positions for the given scroll bar to the locations specified by lpMinPos and lpMaxPos.

void GetScrollRange(
   int nBar,
   LPINT lpMinPos,
   LPINT lpMaxPos 
) const;


Specifies the scroll bar to examine. The parameter can take one of the following values:

  • SB_HORZ   Retrieves the position of the horizontal scroll bar.

  • SB_VERT   Retrieves the position of the vertical scroll bar.


Points to the integer variable that is to receive the minimum position.


Points to the integer variable that is to receive the maximum position.

If CWnd does not have a scroll bar, then the GetScrollRange member function copies 0 to lpMinPos and lpMaxPos.

The default range for a standard scroll bar is 0 to 100. The default range for a scroll-bar control is empty (both values are 0).

Header: afxwin.h

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