This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Redistributing Database Support Files

This topic discusses how to redistribute support files for Data Access Objects (DAO) and the database technologies found in the Microsoft Data Access SDK.

Installing DAO Support Files

To get and work with the latest version of DAO, see the following Knowledge Base article:

You can find Knowledge Base articles in the MSDN Library or at

Installing Microsoft Data Access SDK Support Files

You should use Mdac_typ.exe to install support for ODBC, OLE DB, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), and Remote Data Services (RDS). Mdac_typ.exe is in the WCU\MDAC27 folder on the DVD or in the MDAC27 folder on the Visual Studio .NET Prerequisites CD of the Visual C++ .NET product CDs. You can also download Mdac_typ.exe from the Universal Data Access Web site at

For more information and the latest release details on MDAC, see the Universal Data Access Web site at

For more information, see Redistributing MDAC. If you are using Visual Studio .NET setup projects to deploy your application, see Deployment and Dependencies.

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