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How to: Delete Breakpoints

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In a source window, a Disassembly window, or a Call Stack window, a breakpoint appears as a red symbol or glyph. For more information, see Using Breakpoints and Tracepoints.

To delete a breakpoint

  • In the Breakpoints window, right-click a breakpoint, and then click Delete on the shortcut menu.


    In a source window or a Disassembly window, click the breakpoint glyph.

To delete all breakpoints

  • From the Debug menu, click Delete All Breakpoints.

When you delete all breakpoints, a prompt requesting confirmation of the action might appear, depending on options settings.

To toggle the breakpoint deletion prompt

  1. From the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. In the Options dialog box, expand the Debugging node, and then click General.

    The check box Ask before deleting all breakpoints controls whether the prompt appears or not.