Getting Started with Visual C# Express

Visual C# Express Edition consists of the latest C# compiler, and all the tools you need in order to write, compile, and test applications, utilities, and games. This section explains how C# compares to other programming languages, introduces the .NET Framework, and helps you with your first C# application.

What's New in Visual C# Express

Describes the new features available in Visual C# Express Edition, such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Language-Integrated Query (LINQ), and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services consumption.

Visual C# Express Features

Provides a list of what Visual C# Express Edition can do.

What's New in Visual C#

Describes the new language features in Visual C# Express Edition.

C# Compared to Other Languages

Describes how C# differs from other languages.

C# and the .NET Framework

Describes the close link between C# and the .NET Framework.

Using LINQ in C#

Gives an overview of LINQ and provides links to topics that describe LINQ in more detail.

How to: Build a C# Application in 60 Seconds

Shows how you can create a C# application in under a minute.

How Do I in C# Express

Provides links to topics that describe the most common programming tasks in Visual C# Express Edition.

Troubleshooting Visual C# Express

Shows how to troubleshoot issues encountered when following the guided tour.

Using the Visual C# Express IDE

Acts as a guide to using the Visual C# Express Edition development environment, with step-by-step guides and tips and tricks.

C# Language Primer

Provides an introduction to the C# programming language to help you start to write code as quickly as possible.

C# Programming Guide

Provides a comprehensive guide to C# programming.

How to: Create a C# Windows Forms Application

Illustrates how to build your own Web browser application.

How to: Create a C# Console Application

Demonstrates how to create a useful command-line utility program.

How to: Create a C# WPF Application

Demonstrates how to create a drawing application by using Windows Presentation Foundation.

C# Reference

Includes the C# Programmer's Reference and glossary.

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