.NET Compact Framework Technology Samples

This sections contain samples for the .NET Compact Framework using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. You can deploy the samples either to a Pocket PC or to a Pocket PC emulator.

In This Section

Bubble Technology Sample

Provides an application that demonstrates the drawing capability of the .NET Compact Framework.

COM Callback Sample

Demonstrates how to call a managed object from native code.

Notification Sample

Shows to create user notification in your application.

Pocket Outlook COM Interop Sample

Demonstrates how to access the Pocket Outlook Object Model from a .NET Compact Framework application using COM interoperability.

Rotated Text Using LogFont Sample

Shows how to draw rotated text by creating a font from a LogFont structure.

Scribbler Technology Sample

Provides a simple drawing application for a Pocket PC.

SQL Server Mobile Result Set Sample

This sample shows the differences between the SQL Server Mobile SqlCeResultSet and DataSet objects.

WebCrawler Technology Sample

Provides an application that counts all of the links that branch from a Web site.

Managed Direct3D Mobile Samples

Provides sample tutorials for developing Direc3D graphics.

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