This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this function to display the OLE Server Busy or Server Not Responding dialog box.

virtual INT_PTR DoModal( );

Completion status for the dialog box. One of the following values:

  • IDOK if the dialog box was successfully displayed.

  • IDCANCEL if the user canceled the dialog box.

  • IDABORT if an error occurred. If IDABORT is returned, call the COleDialog::GetLastError member function to get more information about the type of error that occurred. For a listing of possible errors, see the OleUIBusy function in the Platform SDK.

If you want to initialize the various dialog box controls by setting members of the m_bz structure, you should do this before calling DoModal, but after the dialog object is constructed.

If DoModal returns IDOK, you can call other member functions to retrieve the settings or information that was input by the user into the dialog box.