Expression Studio 4.0

A storyboard is one way to create animations in Microsoft Silverlight. After you create a storyboard for a Windows Phone project, you can add a ControlStoryboardAction to a Windows Phone project to specify what you want the storyboard to do.

To add a ControlStoryboardAction to a Windows Phone project

  1. In the Assets panel, click Behaviors, and then drag ControlStoryboardAction into the application window and drop it onto the object.


    The object to which the behavior is attached provides the context for the behavior.

    The Common Properties category appears in the Properties panel.

  2. In the Common Properties category of the Properties panel, in the ControlStoryboardOption drop-down list, select the action that you want to perform.

    ControlStoryboardAction for Windows Phone
  3. In the Storyboard drop-down list, select the storyboard that you want to apply the behavior to.

To see a sample of this behavior, visit the Expression Community Gallery Ff979346.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.40).png.

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