Expression Studio 4.0

You can use the TimerTrigger trigger to invoke an action that is based on a timer.

To add a TimerTrigger to a Windows Phone project

  1. In the Assets panel, click Behaviors, and then drag the behavior that you want onto the object that you want to apply the behavior to. The Trigger category appears in the Properties panel.

  2. In the Trigger category, next to TriggerType (EventTrigger), click New. In the Select Object dialog box, click TimerTrigger, and then click OK.

    TimerTrigger for Windows Phone
  3. In the Trigger category, set the following:

    • MillisecondsPerTick   Specifies the time between invocations of the action, in milliseconds. By default, the value is 1000, or 1 second.

    • TotalTicks   Specifies an upper limit for the number of times the action will be invoked. By default, the value is set to Infinite. You can also type a number directly into the text box.

To see a sample of this behavior, visit the Expression Community Gallery Ff979316.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.40).png.

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