patternTransform property

Gets or sets the definition of an optional transformation from the pattern coordinate system onto the target coordinate system.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Gradients and Patterns, Section 13.4.5Internet Explorer 9



HRESULT value = object.put_patternTransform(ISVGAnimatedTransformList* v);HRESULT value = object.get_patternTransform(ISVGAnimatedTransformList** p);

Property values

Type: Object

A list of transform definitions that are separated by white space or a comma. The transforms are applied in the order that they are listed.

Standards information


The ISVGPatternElement::patternTransform property enables options such as skewing the pattern tiles.

The additional transformation matrix that ISVGPatternElement::patternTransform gets or sets is post-multiplied to (that is, inserted to the right of) any previously defined transformations, including the implicit transformation that is required to convert from object bounding box units to user space.