insertItemBefore method

Inserts a new item into a list at a specified position.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Basic Data Types and Interfaces, Section 4.5.4Internet Explorer 9



ISVGTransform retVal = object.insertItemBefore(newItem, index);


newItem [in]

Type: ISVGTransform

The item to insert into the list.

index [in]

Type: long

The index of the item that the newItem item is inserted before. The first item is number 0. If index equals 0, the new item is inserted at the front of the list. If the index is greater than or equal to ISVGPointList::numberOfItems, the new item is appended to the end of the list.

Standards information


If the newItem item is already in a list, the ISVGPointList::insertItemBefore method removes it from its previous list before it is inserted into this list.