contentStyleType property

[ISVGSVGElement::contentStyleType may be altered or unavailable in subsequent versions of the operating system or product.]

Gets the default style sheet language of the current document.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Document Structure, Section 5.11.2Internet Explorer 9



HRESULT value = object.put_contentStyleType( v);HRESULT value = object.get_contentStyleType(* p);

Property values

Type: BSTR

The default style sheet language of this document.



An attempt is made to modify an object that cannot be changed. For versions earlier than Internet Explorer 10, NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR is returned.


Standards information


Do not set the ISVGSVGElement::contentStyleType property. If you try to set this property, it causes an error.

Because CSS is the only common language for inline styling, and because CSS is the default language if you do not specify the ISVGSVGElement::contentStyleType property, all browsers do not support this property well. As a result, the ISVGSVGElement::contentStyleType property and its corresponding attribute are deprecated. You should not use this property in new content. Future versions of the SVG specification might remove this property.