getStartPositionOfChar method

Gets the current text position of the specified character before the character is rendered in the user coordinate system where the glyphs that correspond to the specified character are rendered.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Text, Section 10.17.1Internet Explorer 9



ISVGPoint retVal = object.getStartPositionOfChar(charnum);


charnum [in]

Type: long

The index of the character, where the first character has an index of 0.

Standards information


The character's current text position considers the effects of any inter-character adjustments because of kerning, letter-spacing, and word-spacing and adjustments because of the ISVGUseElement::x, ISVGUseElement::y, ISVGTextPositioningElement::dx, and ISVGTextPositioningElement::dy attributes. If multiple consecutive characters are rendered inseparably (for example, as a single glyph or a sequence of glyphs), each of the inseparable characters returns the start position for the first glyph.

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