createSVGTransformFromMatrix method

Creates a matrix transform object whose values are given by the specified matrix.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Coordinate Systems, Transformations and Units, Section 7.14.5Internet Explorer 9



ISVGTransform retVal = object.createSVGTransformFromMatrix(matrix);


matrix [in]

Type: ISVGMatrix

The SVGMatrix matrix that defines the desired transformation.

Standards information


The ISVGTransformList::createSVGTransformFromMatrix method creates an SVGTransform object, of transform type SVG_TRANSFORM_MATRIX, whose values are given by the matrix parameter. The values from the matrix parameter are copied; the matrix parameter is not adopted as the ISVGTransform::matrix property.

The SVGTransform object corresponds to a single matrix(…) component within an element's transform attribute specification.

Note  For SVGSVGElement elements, the SVGTransform object is created outside of any document trees.

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