This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Unable to perform health check scan

Visual Studio 2010

The information in this article applies to:

  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010

  • Application-tier server

  • Health check

The first action that the Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server performs is to query the Team Foundation Server Catalog Web service. The Team Foundation Server catalog supports the discovery of all resources that are part of the Team Foundation deployment. The tool uses the information from the catalog to determine the names of the servers that it should scan.

If the tool is not able to access the Team Foundation Server catalog, the resulting scan will be empty and the following error will appear: 

  • Cannot access Team Foundation Server Catalog

You must resolve this error in order to scan your deployment. To resolve the error, review the following reasons for the error condition to occur, and take the indicated actions to resolve each one.

  • The URL or port that you specified for the application-tier server is incorrect.

    To resolve this issue, verify that the computer name and port that you specified in the Team Foundation Server URL (including port) text box on the Start a Scan page is correct and formatted correctly. For more information, see How to: Run a Scan.

  • A network issue is preventing the tool from contacting the computer.

    If the computer that you specified in the Team Foundation Server URL (including port) text box on the Start a Scan page is not available, the Team Foundation Server catalog Web service will not be available. To resolve this issue, perform one of the following actions:

    • Verify that there are no network connectivity problems between the computer from which you are running the scan and the application-tier server that you specified in the Team Foundation Server URL (including port) text box.

    • Run the scan from the application-tier server.

    • Review the prerequisites for using the tool. For more information, see Prerequisites for Using the Best Practices Analyzer Tool.

  • The Team Foundation Server Catalog Web service could not be called.

    For more information on how to resolve this issue, see A Web service could not be called.

  • The application tier refuses requests on the port on which the Team Foundation Server Web site is running.

    To resolve this problem, review the firewall settings and make sure that exceptions for the port (default 8080) are added. For more information, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Step-by-Step Guide: Deploying Windows Firewall and IPsec Policies.