About the Account Management API

Office 2013 and later

The Account Management API provides access to account information and supports notifications of account changes. As clients of this API, mail providers do the following:

  1. Use IOlkAccountManager to manage access to accounts and set up notifications about account changes.

  2. Implement and use IOlkAccountNotify to send notifications about account changes.

  3. Use IOlkEnum to enumerate accounts.

  4. Use IOlkAccount to get and set properties and other information about an account. Clients obtain this interface through IOlkAccountManager::FindAccount or IOlkEnum::GetNext to access an individual account.

  5. Implement and use IOlkAccountHelper to provide the account manager helper functionality, including getting an account's profile name and the current MAPI session.

  6. Implement and use IOlkErrorUnknown to provide extra information about an error in IOlkAccountManager, IOlkAccountNotify, and IOlkAccount.

The Account Management API provides the following definitions, data types, interfaces, named properties, and properties.


Data types:


Named properties: