Office 2013 and later

Last modified: July 03, 2012

Applies to: Outlook

Ends synchronization for a message header.

HRESULT SyncHdrEnd( 


[in] IMAPIProgress interface for synchronization of moved or copied messages. See mapidefs.h for the type definition of LPMAPIPROGRESS.

Upon IOSTX::SyncBeg, the local store enters the download message header state. The client downloads a full message item (as pmsgFull in HDRSYNC). If this is successful, the client also sets ulFlags in HDRSYNC as HSF_OK. Upon IOSTX::SyncHdrEnd, Outlook checks the result in HDRSYNC and uses pprog and the information in HDRSYNC to update the local message header.

The local store returns to the state it was in before the preceding IOSTX::SyncHdrBeg.