Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are techniques for addressing some common modeling issues.



"Type of parameter XXX in method YYY is not valid"

Only certain types of parameters can be used in actions. For more information about the allowed types, see Action Parameter Types.

Static initializer failed with exception: ExplorationRuntimeException#0

This is frequently caused by using a non-native subclass of a class containing native code, or by using a System class containing native code and not declaring it native. For more details on native vs. non-native code, and how to identify and fix problems, see NativeType Attribute.

Empty Test List

Make sure you have added your generated test file to your solution, then click Refresh in the test viewer.

A Parameter Expansion Does Not Take Effect

Verify that the rule contains only one expansion point for the parameter. For each parameter in a rule, Spec Explorer performs parameter expansion once only. For more information, see Parameter Expansion Points.

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