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Document.IsDataSourceConnected Property (Publisher)

True if the specified publication is connected to a data source. Read-only.

expression .IsDataSourceConnected

expression A variable that represents an Document object.

A publication must be connected to a valid data source to perform a mail merge or catalog merge.

The following example tests whether the publication is connected to a data source and, if it is not, specifies and connects a data source to the publication.

Before running this example, you must replace PathToFile with a valid file path and TableName with a valid data source table name.

Dim strDataSource As String 
Dim strDataSourceTable As String 
 'Specify data source and table name 
 strDataSource = "PathToFile" 
 strDataSourceTable = "TableName" 
 'Connect to a datasource 
 If Not (ThisDocument.IsDataSourceConnected) Then 
 ThisDocument.MailMerge.OpenDataSource strDataSource, , strDataSourceTable 
 End If
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