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All components that are installed on the local machine, including third-party components built for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2, now automatically appear in the new SSIS Toolbox. When you install additional components, right-click inside the toolbox and then click Refresh Toolbox to add the components.

You can easily access more information about a component from the toolbox, by clicking the component to view a description at the bottom of the toolbox. Click the Help button next to the description to display the Books Online topic. For certain components, you can also access samples that demonstrate how to configure and use the components. The samples are available on MSDN. To access the samples from the SSIS Toolbox, click the Find Samples link that appears below the description.

Note Note

Unlike previous versions of Integration Services, you cannot remove installed components from the toolbox.

In the SSIS Toolbox, control flow and data flow components are organized into categories. You can expand and collapse categories for viewing and you can change the organization of components according to your preferences. You can restore the default organization, by right-clicking inside the toolbox and then click Restore Toolbox Defaults.

The Favorites and Common categories appear in the toolbox when you select the Control Flow, Data Flow, and Event Handlers tabs. The Other Tasks category appears in the toolbox when you select the Control Flow tab or the Event Handlers tab. The Other Transforms, Other Sources, and Other Destinations categories appear in the toolbox when you select the Data Flow tab.

When you create a new SSIS project or open an existing project, the SSIS Toolbox is automatically displayed. You can also open the toolbox by clicking the toolbox button that is located in the top-right corner of the package design surface.

You can dock the toolbox, set it to collapse when docked, and you can close the toolbox.

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