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This topic contains the following How-to topics that you should use as a point of reference when creating composite applications with the Composite Application Library.


For information about the bootstrapper, see the following topics:


For information about commands, see the following topics:


For information about events, see the following topics:


For information about modules, see the following topics:


For information about regions, see the following topics:


For information about services, see the following topic:


For information about creating your solution, see the following topic:


For information about views, see the following topics:

Deploying Your Application

You can deploy and update your WPF application using familiar desktop-based techniques, such as by using a Windows Installer package or ClickOnce. Some of these scenarios introduce more challenges because there are often no references between assemblies, unlike in non-composite applications. Therefore, tools that support building Windows Installer packages or ClickOnce packages are unable to automatically locate the required pieces for deployment. The Composite Application Library offers some tools and techniques to help with managing ClickOnce deployments.

For information about deploying your WPF application, see the following topics:

Deploying a Silverlight application that is built with the Composite Application Library is no different from deploying a regular Silverlight application. For more information, see Deploying Silverlight Applications.

Extending the Baseline Architecture

The Composite Application Library was designed to be extended to fit your specific scenario. Common areas to extend include creating or customizing the bootstrapper to select a different method of populating the module catalog, call your own logger or use your own container, and creating your own region adapters. For more information about extending the baseline architecture, see Customizing the Composite Application Library.

More Information

To learn more about the design and use of the Composite Application Library, see the following topics:

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