How to: Prepare a Module for Remote Downloading


A module encapsulates a set of related concerns. Modules are independently developed and deployed, and they interact with each other to create the application. For more information about modules, see the Module technical concept.

Silverlight is made for Rich Internet Application (RIA) scenarios, so modules should be able to be downloaded from different locations.

This topic describes how to prepare a module for remote downloading.


This topic assumes that you already have a solution based on the Composite Application Library with a module enabled for remote retrieval. For information about how to do this, see the following:


To prepare a module for remote downloading

  1. Open the module project—which must be a Silverlight application—properties. To do this, right-click the module's project name, and then click Properties.
  2. On the Silverlight tab, in the Application section, click (not set) in the Startup object drop down list.
  3. Delete the App.xaml and Page.xaml files and their corresponding code-behind files.
  4. You can exclude the assemblies that are also included in the main application from being in the .xap file. To do this, right-click the desired reference on Solution Explorer, and then click Properties. Set the Copy Local attribute to False.
    For an example, see the references in the ModulesWY.Silverlight project that is part of the Remote Modularity QuickStart.

    Repeat this step for every reference you want to exclude from the .xap file.


You will have a new module in your solution that can be loaded using remote module loading.

More Information

For more information related to working with modules, see the following topics:

For a complete list of How-to topics included with the Composite Application Guidance, see Development Activities.

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