Selecting the Item on Which to Base a Form

Office 2013 and later

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Each Microsoft Outlook item is a collection of fields. These collections of fields are what define the various forms. Some of these forms might be more useful for some applications than for others. To see the complete list of fields for an item, click All in the Field Chooser. For example, to see all the fields in a mail message, click All Mail Fields. If the field that you want is not listed, you can create a custom field by clicking New in the Field Chooser.


What the form is used for


Keeping track of information about a person or organization.

Distribution List

Creating a list of contacts and e-mail addresses that can be used as a single e-mail address.


Tracking information about a task.


Sending information to someone in a specific format, or providing a means to enter data so that it can be shared electronically.


Facilitating a threaded conversation that is saved in a folder, or for attaching files to a folder.


Representing a meeting or scheduled event.

Journal Entry

Logging information about an item or event.

Meeting Request

Sending specifically formatted meeting requests and requesting a response.

Task Request

Sending information about a task to others and requestiong a response.

RSS Article

Representing a blog post or other item from an RSS feed.