This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

JournalModule Object (Outlook)

Represents the Journal navigation module in the Navigation Pane of an explorer.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

The JournalModule object, derived from the NavigationModule object, provides access to the navigation groups contained in the Journal navigation module of the Navigation Pane for an explorer. Use the GetNavigationModule method or the Item method of the Modules collection for the parent NavigationPane object to retrieve a NavigationModule object, then use the NavigationModuleType property of the NavigationModule object to retrieve the module type. If the NavigationModuleType property is set to olModuleJournal, you can then cast the NavigationModule object reference as a JournalModule object to access the NavigationGroups property for that navigation module.

You can use the Visible property to determine if the navigation module is visible and the Position property to return or set the display position of the navigation module within the Navigation Pane. You can use the Name property to return the display name of the Journal navigation module within the Navigation Pane.