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GetCustomIcon Method

Folder.GetCustomIcon Method (Outlook)

Returns an IPictureDisp object that represents the custom icon for the folder.

Version Added: Outlook 2010

expression .GetCustomIcon

expression A variable that represents a Folder object.

Return Value

An IPictureDisp object that represents a custom icon for the folder.

The returned IPictureDisp object has its Type property equal to PICTYPE_ICON or PICTYPE_BITMAP.

GetCustomIcon returns Null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the folder does not have a custom folder icon, or if the folder belongs to one of the following groups of folders:

  • Default folders (as listed by the OlDefaultFolders enumeration)

  • Special folders (as listed by the OlSpecialFolders enumeration)

  • Exchange public folders

  • Root folder of any Exchange mailbox

  • Hidden folders

You can only call GetCustomIcon from code that runs in-process as Outlook. An IPictureDisp object cannot be marshaled across process boundaries. If you attempt to call GetCustomIcon from out-of-process code, an exception occurs. For more information, see An automation server cannot pass a pointer to the picture object's IPictureDisp implementation across process boundaries.


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