PolicyItem Object (Office)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents an item within a ServerPolicy object that contains the settings for one policy.

A policy item cannot exist outside the scope of a policy. Policy items are distinct conditions defined for a document stored on a server running Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

The following example lists the name and description of all of the policy items for the active document.

Sub ListPolicyItems() 
Dim objSrvPolicy As ServerPolicy 
Dim objPolicyItem As PolicyItem 
Dim strPolicyItemList As String 
Set objSrvPolicy = ActiveDocument.ServerPolicy 
For Each objPolicyItem In objSrvPolicy 
 strPolicyItemList = "Policy Item " & objPolicyItem.Name & " - " & _ 
 objPolicyItem.Description & vbCrLf 
MsgBox (strPolicyItemList) 
End Sub