GroupCriterion2.FontColorEx Property (Project)
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GroupCriterion2.FontColorEx Property (Project)

Office 2010

Gets or sets the color of the font for a field used as a criterion in a group definition. Read/write Long.

expression .FontColorEx

expression An expression that returns a GroupCriterion2 object.

RGB colors can be expressed in decimal or hexadecimal values. In Project, red is the last byte of a hexadecimal value. For example, if the value of CellColorEx is 65535, the color is blue (&HFF0000).

The valid range for a normal RGB color is 0 to 16,777,215 (&HFFFFFF&). Each color setting (property or argument) is a 4-byte integer. The high byte of a number in this range equals 0. The lower 3 bytes, from least to most significant byte, determine the amount of red, green, and blue, respectively. The red, green, and blue components are each represented by a number between 0 and 255 (&HFF).

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