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Row.GetValues Method (Outlook)

Obtains a one-dimensional array containing the values for all columns at the Row in the parent Table.

Version Added: Outlook 2007

expression .GetValues

expression A variable that represents a Row object.

Return Value

A Variant that represents an array of values for all the columns at that Row in the Table.

GetValues is a helper method that facilitates fetching all the column values in the Row in a single call.

Since the array is zero-based, the length of the array is the number of columns in the Row minus one.

Values returned in the array are of the same type as the values in the parent Table. This means that binary properties in the Table are returned as arrays of bytes. For date-time properties, if a Column is a default column or if it has been added using an explicit built-in property name, then its value in the Table and in the array are expressed in local time. If the Column has been added to the Table using a namespace reference, then its value in the Table and in the array are expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For more information on referencing properties by namespace, see Referencing Properties by Namespace.


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