MultiPoint Mouse Usage Scenarios

This topic describes the usage scenarios illustrated by the Map and Quiz samples.

In these scenarios, Mrs. Adams is a third-grade teacher at an elementary school. The school cannot afford to provide a computer for each child. Mrs. Adams has a class of 30 students, each with a wireless mouse device connected to her computer. Her computer screen is projected onto a large screen at the front of the classroom.

The Map Sample Usage Scenario

Mrs. Adams’s class will engage in an activity based on the Map sample. The objective of the activity is for students to point to a location on the map when they are prompted by a question on the screen. When the sample starts, the options for the activity are loaded and displayed on the right side of the screen. The first option, Cities Around the World, is loaded automatically, and the first question is displayed above the map.

Map Usage Scenario

The screenshot above shows the question, “Where is Sydney?” above a map. Three customized pointers that correspond to three players are shown on the map and at the bottom of the screen in a connected players list. The list on the right side displays the available activity options in the sample.

The application waits for each connected player to click the area on the map that matches the prompted location. After a player responds, the result is recorded and displayed on the scoreboard on the left side of the window. The scoreboard shows the time it took for the student to decide on and then click a spot on the map, and whether the student answered correctly (green) or incorrectly (red).

After all of the connected players have responded to the question, a new question appears that asks for the location of another city. The process is repeated until all locations in the activity are completed. The teacher can move ahead to the next location at any time by clicking the Next Location button on the screen. When an activity is finished, the application automatically proceeds to the next activity. Activities can also be selected by clicking the Next Activity button on the screen.

The Quiz Sample Usage Scenario

In the Quiz sample, there are four separate player areas on the screen. Each player area displays a question, and the player must answer the question by clicking one of the answer buttons.

Quiz Sample

Each player’s pointer is bound to its corresponding player region. Therefore, a player can answer only the questions relevant to his or her area. A timer displays a countdown of one minute, and the aim of the quiz is to correctly answer as many questions as possible in one minute.