Creating Screens in LightSwitch


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Screens in LightSwitch are used to display, enter, or update data that is stored in a database or other data source. In an earlier lesson you learned how to create a common set of screens for the Contacts entity. In this set of lessons you’ll learn how to modify an existing screen, create new screens, and customize their appearance.

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These lessons build upon the My First Application project that you last modified in the Defining Relationships lesson. If your application isn't already open in Visual Studio, on the menu bar, choose File, Open Project to open it.

Read this lessonTo learn
Updating Existing ScreensHow to make changes to the contact screens you created in earlier lessons.
Creating Screens to Display DataHow to create read-only screens to browse and view orders.
Customizing Screen AppearanceHow to change the appearance of a screen.
Creating a Popup ScreenHow to display information in a Popup, which is a floating window that appears on top of the active screen.
Displaying Local InformationHow to use a local property to display data on a screen.

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