Working with Menus in a LightSwitch Application


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This lesson shows how to change the global navigation menu in a LightSwitch application.

When an application runs, the navigation menu lists screens that the user can display. You can add or remove menu items, change the menu text, and change the order in which items appear.

To add or remove a menu item

  1. In Solution Explorer, open the shortcut menu for the Screens node, and then choose Edit Screen Navigation.

    The HTML Client designer opens.

    The HTML Client designer

  2. In the Navigation menu structure list, open the shortcut menu for the Current Product List node, and then choose Delete.

    The Current Product List menu item disappears from the navigation menu.

  3. Open the Include Screen list and choose Current Product List.

    The Current Product List menu item appears at the bottom of the Navigation menu structure list.

To change menu text

  1. Open the shortcut menu for the Northwind Contacts node, choose Rename, and then enter Contacts.

  2. Repeat step 1 to rename the Current Product List node as Products.

To reorder menu items

  1. Choose the Products node.

  2. In the right margin of the designer, choose the Move up button.

    The Products menu item is moved above the Browse Orders menu item.

  3. Run the application and verify the changes to the navigation menu.

The Include Screen list also contains screens that are already on the navigation menu. If you add a second menu item for a screen, you’ll get duplicate menu items because both items open the same instance of the screen.

Renaming a menu item affects only the name that appears in the running application. The actual screen name remains unchanged.

In the next lesson, you’ll learn how to change which screen appears first when the application starts.

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